vNOTES stands for vaginal Natural Orifice Trans-Endoscopic Surgery. A new hybrid approach to perform minimally invasive gynecological surgery. It utilizes laparoscopic instruments to facilitate surgery through a vaginal (natural orifice) approach. This technique is more difficult to perform than traditional open or laparoscopic surgery BUT provides the patient less pain, quicker surgery, faster recovery and NO ABDOMINAL INCISIONS. This groundbreaking technique provides a new approach to different GYN surgeries.

Menopausal Health

Dr Quezada is the only North American Menopausal Surgeon certified in Longivew. This extra focus of knowledge allows him to discussed ALL maladies concerning the perimenopause and menopausal stages including general, bone, heart, mental, genital and sexual health. The additional knowledge provided by the certification arms him with the ability to find the right solutions and pre-emptively prevent other complications