Acessa Procedure

Acessa Procedure

Why Acessa

Because you deserve a life without fibroid symptoms. And contrary to popular belief, hysterectomy is not the only way to get there. That’s why we created a woman-focused alternative to hysterectomy and myomectomy for fibroids.

It’s the treatment that treats women’s bodies with care.

What are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are benign growths that occur in the uterus. They range in size, quantity, and location. Fibroid tissue on its own can be harmless, but for some of us, fibroids can cause severe discomfort and take a toll on our daily lives. 13


Fibroid tissue can be harmless – fibroids become a problem when they cause symptoms that affect quality of life.13, 17, 18 Here’s the rub, symptoms can be so diverse and similar to normal period pain, that oftentimes women don’t realize what they are experiencing isn’t normal. The key symptoms to look out for are:

Extreme periods

Stomach and Pelvic Pain

Leg & Back Pain


Stomach Swelling and Bloating

Pain During Sex

Digestive Issues

Frequent urination

Good news: there are options.


6.5 M

Every year, nearly 6.5 million women seek treatment for fibroids in the US.14


Nearly 1/3 of employed patients (28%) report missing days of work due to fibroid symptoms.16


Women with fibroids waited an average of 3.6 years to seek treatment.16


80% of African American women will develop fibroids by the age of 50.17

*According to a survey of 900+ patients.16


A uterus can have fibroids and still be healthy.13, 17, 18 The truth is 70% of women have fibroids.17 When fibroids cause disruptive symptoms, women have options.13, 18

That’s where we come in. The Acessa procedure was designed to maintain the integrity of the uterus by focusing treatment solely on the fibroid (vs. cutting into the uterus or removing it completely)7, 24 and more importantly to relieve symptoms caused by fibroids.1, 6, 8, 24

This is done by applying controlled heat directly into the fibroid, which in turn destroys the fibroid tissue and causes it to shrink over time (imagine the consistency of a baseball changing to a marshmallow).23, 24 The smaller and softer destroyed fibroid tissue leads to symptom relief, without having to cut open your uterus.1, 6, 8, 24

Proven Results


women have chosen the Acessa procedure. 12


of women in the clinical study recommended Acessa. 1


of women in the clinical study said the procedure helped with symptoms. 1

*Based on a survey from a clinical study N = 124 1