Intuitive Surgical da Vinci robotic system

da Vinci Robot from Intuitive Surgical


When you need surgery, you want to get through it so that you can get back to your life. We want that for you, too. It’s why we founded Intuitive in 1995 by bringing together world-renowned experts in minimally invasive surgery, robotic technology, and human-to-machine interaction. In 1999, Intuitive launched the da Vinci surgical system which became one of the first robotic-assisted surgical systems to gain clearance.


Today, after more than 6 million surgeries globally,1 we continue to innovate to improve the surgical systems, training, and support for surgeons, hospitals and care teams to help patients like you get back to what matters most.


This website is intended to provide you with information about robotic-assisted surgery with da Vinci. Da Vinci surgical systems are cleared by applicable regulatory agencies for use in a number of different procedures. It’s important to remember that Intuitive does not provide medical advice. After discussing all options with your doctor, only you and your doctor can determine whether surgery with da Vinci is appropriate for your situation. You should always ask your surgeon about his or her training, experience, and patient outcomes.

How it happens with da Vinci 

Gynecologic conditions

The gynecology specialty covers conditions of the internal female reproductive system, which includes the uterus (womb), ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina. When your reproductive system develops a problem, it can affect many aspects of your health and quality of life. Gynecologic conditions such as severe pelvic pain, endometriosis, fibroids, abnormal bleeding, pelvic organ prolapse, and cancer are common and may require medical care. When lifestyle changes, medicine, and other options do not ease your symptoms, your doctor may suggest surgery.

Robotic-assisted gynecologic procedures

Talk with your doctor if you have any additional questions about these procedures.