Digital Mammography with CAD


Digital mammography with computer-aided detection (CAD) is a state-of-the-art screening method for breast cancer.  Traditional mammograms use film to record images.  Digital mammography creates images on a high-resolution computer.  The computerized images can be manipulated by a radiologist for a more detailed inspection.  It is especially helpful for analyzing dense breast tissue.


The CAD system provides a second analysis of the mammogram image.  The CAD system highlights suspicious breast tissue, such as calcification, masses, or abnormal density.  CAD acts as a “second set of eyes’ for the radiologist to help increase early detection of breast cancer. 




You should not use deodorant, lotion, or powder on your chest, breasts, or arms on the day of your mammogram.  You will wear a gown for your procedure. 




Digital mammography takes a very short time, usually about 10 to 15 minutes.  Your breasts will be imaged one at a time.  A technician will help position your breast on the mammogram plate.  The plates will be moved together to spread the breast tissue.  You may experience mild discomfort while the breasts are briefly compressed and imaged.